followed two peope, and they followed two people, and they…

Posted: October 3, 2011 in collaboration, concept acquisition, emergent technologies, new literacies, school teenagers
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The sharing process in our case could have used a little more time. There is a warmup period where we informally caught up with what we’d done and how we done it over the last week. In my case the  process of creating a network is slowed down by  a couple of factors, the main one being almost all of my time is currently being used putting my Field Inquiry into action. The second factor is my standing as a relative newbie to Twitter and its functionnings. I’m certainly spending time trying to develop my own PLN, but so far I am still very much in the learning process. I can easily get sidetracked.
I will have to exercise discipline in the form of staying on task while on Twitter. I will also have to do a little more homework on the inner workings of Twitter; some form of organization in whom I follow would be helpful i.e. one group for assessment, one for technology, one for PBL, etc.
I have learned that by following my cohort peers on Twitter, I can see who they’re following and in turn add those whom I find of interest to my list of “following”. I look forward to a day where I can log on to Twitter and use it efficiently as a source of tools for me to implement, but also as a place to share my, and other educators’, successes.
 All of a sudden, in an exponential sort of way, my network is growing in leaps and bounds. From my cohorts, to whom they follow, and in turn whom they  follow, and whom they  follow…
Now, to get my Social Studies students on board!

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