Collaborative approach reaction to Jenkins’ White Paper

Posted: August 21, 2011 in collaboration, Uncategorized
Our literacy group of four was presented with the task of preparing a 2 to 3 slide presentation to share out about the section in the Jenkins White Paper we were responsible for. Almost immediately we all assumed roles in the creation of the presentation; the collaboration was natural and particularly effective because we gravitated to our strong suits. Rob started the “mechanics” of the presentation, figuring out how to set it up properly in Google Docs so we could all edit it; when he needed help Gina came and help him iron out the details. Karen and Leyla were voicing the important points we wanted to include, and I had already started searching for images because we wanted to use only a few words to convey our message and the accompanying images would be important.
We all contributed editions to the content and layout; when, for some reason my computer wouldn’t download images anymore, Leyla jumped in and started inserting them from her computer. I was still able to work on the layout to make it as visually appealing, and effective, as possible. The result was a presentation I was proud of for more than one reason. The content was ‘bang on’, succint and complete, the visuals supported the content very well, the layout was effective, and we had all contributed. I learned even more about our section than I had gleaned from my own reading in the process of producing the presentation. And then I even reinforced my comprehension during the sharing out to other groups phase of the activity. This is definitely an activity I would like to include in my own practice.

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