Readings on Assessment Rubrics-2

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
A Conundrum: Rubrics or Creativity/Metacognitive Development?, by V. Chapman and D. Inman
Lists advantages and disadvantages of Rubrics. Among some of the advantages: provides guidelines, expectations explicit, aligned with standards, easy to use, informative feedback for students, provide answer key, allow constant assessment,can be impartial, document and communicate grading procedures, allow one to be organized and clarify thoughts. Disadvantages identified: evaluate doing vs understanding, too vague, dysfunctional detail, test mastery over skill mastering, may not convey all we want students to know, may limit imagination if students feel compelled to complete the assignment strictly as outlined in rubric,could lead to anxiety if too much criteria are included, reliability could be a factor as more individuals use the rubric, take time to develop, test, evaluate, and update.

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