La Primera

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

As far as first posts go this will not go down in history as being the most original or inspiring but it has inspired me.

My thoughts at this time about inquiry and what it means to me at this point, what I understand about it at this time. The value of inquiry; why have I chosen to join this cohort?

At this early stage I see inquiry as looking at what I’m doing: what I’m doing as a teacher and as a learner. Why do I cho0se the activities and methods that I do choose when teaching my students. How can I use technology to make the learning experience more palatable to my students. More palatable but also more efficient. I hope to try using some new approaches to enact the changes that I want to implement. The first of these will probably be this very blog that I hope to use to reach more students, more quickly, more interestingly, and in a safer, risk free way.

My understanding at this time, although probably naive, is that by having an intentional look at what I’m doing I can begin the process of implementing changes in my practice that will make me a more effective teacher. It is also my intention that these changes should include the use of technology in one form or another, preferably several forms.

I have chosen to join this cohort in order to add the more formal, structured and even perhaps rigourous approach to inquiry as opposed to the more informal approach teachers use on a daily basis, perhaps chatting over coffee or at the proverbial water cooler. This should ensure I make use of the discipline necessary to do the mega cognitive work required to do a better job of inquiry.

The value of inquiry is that it forces me to look at what I’m doing and why I’m doing it? I think the very fact that I have begun this process has already had an effect on my teaching this year; I find myself already asking why this activity, why this reading, why this video? In most cases, much to my relief, the answer is because it is an effective activity/reading/video. But in one instance I found myself putting a video back on the shelf and searching for a more up to date resource on YouTube. And I found one; and it was a success.


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